Mary Muir,M.Ed.
Ms Muir is a long time resident of Wakefield and has extensive professional and personal experience  dealing with others looking to bring  Healing to Mind Body Emotions and Spirit. Ms Muir  works part time  providing wellness and healing arts services to patients, family members and healthcare staff at the Lahey Clinic , Sophia Gordon Cancer Center.
She has a special combination of academic training, professional experience and first hand life experience in working with others.  She has been primary caregiver for a parent with Alzheimers and primary caregiver for her husband---  thankfully now a 11 year Cancer survivor and volunteer at both the Beth Israel Hospital and the Stoneham Senior Center.  Her Primary Practice:  Women dealing with life change and self growth;early stage Alzheimers patients/ family and professional caregivers.  She has a monthly Dine Out and respite group for daughters of a parent with dementia.  Ms. Muir is available to groups interested in Life Balance related workshops, wellness weekends for women and simple meditation and spiritual practice groups locally. 
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