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I read the posts and hear the constant bashing of Malden - this is my Malden!

Editor's Note: "My Malden" was an idea by reader Susan Witham Erlich, who wanted to share her positive experience living in the city.

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In 1989, at the height of a real estate boom, my husband and I were so fortunate to come across an old home (1890’s) in the Maplewood area of Malden. I of course loved it at first sight - even though it was so outdated, it had “great bones” – and fortunately our offer was accepted.

"Home sweet home," here we come. Over many years living in our new home there
were peaks and valleys within our neighborhood –there were drug dealers (our
neighbors got together and we were successful in getting them out) – (there was
a neighbor who abandoned their home but left it in the hands of their teenage
children – OMG, what a disaster, but they are long gone) and then there was the
level 3 sex offender (that was one of hardest times here). 

Yes, he is long gone too. At that point I was out of my mind – but here is the best of it all, in all the years that we have been here in Malden we have also had some of the absolute BEST neighbors. We have been so fortunate to have a family next door that was here long before us – that grew up here in Malden and take pride in their home town and their neighborhood and they have treated us like family from day one.  This family has cooked for us, shed tears with us brought tru joy to us and truly became our family as well  It seems to me that only those that love our city – that are willing to take care of our city and each other are the ones that stick around.

We have new neighbors across the street from us now that are making a huge difference in Malden –taking care of our future. They are taking pride in their Malden and in their children’s Malden. With each neighbor that takes pride in where they live – this is creating a Malden we can all be proud of.

N & P – you are such an asset to our neighborhood, we love you and your family for being the very best neighbors ever. Our words of thanks will never be enough.

This is my Malden. What's yours? 

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david mokal November 02, 2012 at 10:55 PM
I grew up here in Malden in ward 8 in the lLinden Highlands where their were still farms in that area. We were the Forgotten Ones. No trash pick up,no plowing,no nutta. This was in the 60's. At 20 years old I bought in ward one which was a class A neighborhood. Bellrock Square was still home town people with their bussinesses all doing well. Then about the 90's iseen it fall. There was so much druggin goin on in Bellrock Square and Bellrock Park it was actually snowing Cocaine. The old neighb ors moved away and only a few remained. When Now Mayor Christonson who was ward one councilor took office it got cleaned up. Bellrock Park which was heavely vandelized now is beautiful. The vetrans monuments at the park all brand new. He has done a great job here in Ward One. Im not the Mayors Gumba and I only have spoke to him maybe twice but I know he will change this city like it was. Just give him a chance you will see that this City will change for the better. Maybe Ill stay a while.
Maxine Sholder LoDuca November 03, 2012 at 01:07 AM
I grew up in the Suffolk Square area, Grape St. Newton St. Lyme St. all with out any real problems everyone watched everyone and their kids too. We had an awesome time sledding on DanielsHill, and riding our bikes all thru the streets until dark and Ma yelled out the door for us to come in. Oh how we hated to be in the house. We loved the penny candy store on the end of Lyme St. you old timers my age 67 would remember it well. The times at Daniels and Lincold were the best of times. One time my buddy and I were out of school for the Jewish holiday and the principal came out and said why were we not at the temple we answered we dont understand what they are saying .....LOL ahahaehehoho He said get back there or I am taking you into the school for the rest of the day. We ran as fast as he was talking! Also in closing this little memory, I have to say our community was multi-cultured then, as it is now. Our neighbors were our extended families, sorry to say tha tnow who ever moved in has kept to themselves and no longer do we have that comradship. times do change things :( Maxine of Malden
mats November 03, 2012 at 03:40 AM
okay, times have changed, not for the better ...for me anyway...but I do remember going to my favorite dentist, Dr. Max O. Berman (for some reason I will never forget the O in his name) ..I remember my Aunt Rita lived on Upham Street and she would take me on outings to Malden Square, bring me to Sparks and buy me sparkling red cut out birds to hang on the wall...we'd have lunch in the square, can't remember if that was a woolworths or not, I think so, tuna on a roll or grilled cheese sandwiches...to this day the music in Sparks makes me tear up! I loved visiting my sister at Signor Pizza where she worked - father used to take me bowling at the Granada lanes; on weekends as tweens we went to the movies, as teens we shopped at Jordan's, and Boston Leader, bought my wedding shoes at Edson Shoe Store, got my first friendship ring from a boyfriend (a beautiful opal) at the jewlery shop which was on Main Street (where the dunks is now?) We would hang out at the pond at Fellsmere (the Rezzy we always called it)...so I have had good times as well, trying not to be a negative nellie, but it does make me sad that because of issues and problems here things will never be the same again.
robert wilson November 03, 2012 at 11:07 PM
Maxine, I'm thinking the Principle waa Mr. Cronin.
The real Malden November 05, 2012 at 03:50 AM
The best times was when me & Brian Lordan would go to the Granada Theatre for. 99 cents......99 CENTS. !!! Raiders of the lost ark was playing all summer......good times.


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