VIDEO: Malden Tombstone Appears in ESPN Ad

A memorial in Malden's Forestdale Cemetery is featured as part of the ESPN commercial series "it's not crazy - it's sports." Readers, what do you think - is this something you'd want for yourself or a loved one?

Editor's Note: Friend Marco Corrado writes in to say . 

"Frank DeCandia had leukemia and beat it but passed when he went into remission," he wrote via Twitter. "He was 23...studying journalism and was working at the (Boston) Globe on his first gig out of Suffolk...when he became ill. I was shocked when I saw ESPN. Frankie was a great man and an awesome journalist. Thanks for sharing this!"

Original article: A memorial in Malden's Forestdale Cemetery is briefly featured in a new ESPN commercial exploring how diehard sports fans – well, die.

Everett-based memorialist David DeFilippo said his family had run Woodland Memorials for four generations, but “never thought (his) line of work would help him end up on ESPN.”

The two engravings – one in Malden and another in Arizona – contain homages to the Red Sox, Patriots, Oakland Raiders and more, in what DeFlilppo described as an increasingly popular trend for the industry. 

“Everything was mostly religious when I started 29 years ago,” he said. “People started to get away from that...listening to the families, they'll say, 'that (religious design) is nice, but it wasn't my Dad, he wasn't very religious, and I want the monument to reflect his life.”

DeFilippo said he's also carved memorials portraying the Suffolk Downs race track and even a can of beer.

You can watch the commercial above, or directy via YouTube.

The commercial is also part of a longer eight minute documentary by famed director Errol Morris, which includes an extended interview with DeFilippo.

Readers, what say you? Is this quirky and endearing way of remembering a sports fan something you'd like to do to remember a family member? Let us know in the almighty comment section below. 

Loretta Natola Sullivan August 08, 2012 at 03:12 PM
I told my family I want to be buried in a Red Sox casket and they better do it!
Carol J. Merletti August 08, 2012 at 04:14 PM
I too want to be buried in a Boston Red Sox casket. I am a devoted fan who attends many games, as well as, as a wedding officiant, I have married 28 couples all over Fenway Park, with four more weddings coming up this season at America’s most beloved ball park. My Mom, Bernice Person Abbott, who passed away in April of 2011, right before Mother’s Day, was my Red Sox buddy. We attended many games together. When she passed, I placed in her casket, some of the Fenway Park field clay (It is not dirt, as some people believe.) to take with her so that she could always be at future games with me. Mom was named #1 fan of Jim Rice, and not only was she invited to spend an hour alone with Jim, at Sturbridge Villiage, but was also invited to spend time with Dwight Evans, and Fred Lynn. They treated her like gold! Her dream came true! She wanted to meet Jim. Not only did she meet him, but when he was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame, her #14 jersey was was placed on her by Jim. And for the very first time, Jim signed his name as “H.O.F. #14” on her jersey. ~ Continued ~
Carol J. Merletti August 08, 2012 at 04:15 PM
When Fenway invited people to purchase bricks for the 100th Anniversary, my family purchased one for Mom. My hubby and son also purchased a brick for me. (I was unaware of this.) Upon going to my first ballgame this season, without Mom for the first time, I had a very hard time. The tears were pouring down my face as I entered the ball park. I went to find Mom’s brick, looked down, there it was, but to my surprise, so was my brick, together! Was this coincidental? I called my husband, as my heart was racing. He informed me that he had called the corporate office a year before and requested that our bricks be put together. They told him that they could not promise, but that they would make a note of it. I am still in shock! Mom will always be at Fenway Park with me in the future. Having said that, if I cannot get my Red Sox Casket, I want to be buried with all of the bottles of my Fenway Park clay that I have collected over the years when I married couples on the field.
KdPeru August 11, 2012 at 11:48 PM
David and woodlawn memorials are the Best Thank you for my brothers beautiful Raider headstone and the commercial was beautiful never expected it to be on a show my brother watched Daily now he is on it ESPN I wish he was here with us but i know God wanted him more and in my heart I know he is smiling down on us all chanting Raidersssssss.... I love you brother and I miss you everyday Anthony Ornelas Peru 82-08 To anyone looking for a headstone go to Woodlawnmemorial.com David and his team are the best they take there time and have great quality,service and great pricing .David and his staff are so nice and respectful and do everything in there power to make what you want and how u want it.... thank you all woodlawn memorial for everything because of u and exspecially David everyone will no my Brother lived and loved his Raiders Win Lose Or Tie Raider Fan till the day I Die and After.... Always love all the way from Arizona Ornelas-Peru Family
david mokal August 12, 2012 at 12:33 AM
Yes Ive seen the Woodlawn Stones and they do some very good work. My Mother and Father are buried in Amesbury and there were 3 I seen and they had cut scenery of Deer and wilderness on the stones. They were made by the Woodlawn Memorials.


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