Martial artist program for serious kids of serious parents.

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Martial arts training should be enjoyable, never play.

It's a self defense not a sport.

Many 5 to 7 year old kids are receiving karate belts based on attendance and game playing that has nothing to do with karate in many of the Mc Dojo’s that are popping up.  

At this dojo this age group will start to train in our introduction to mixed martial arts program.

They will learn single and two person drills of karate, boxing, grappling and how to take a fall. There will be No tests, No belts, No uniforms. Students will wear long pants and a martial arts T shirt.

 Each student will perform 50 basic movements per class; until they have performed 1,000 movements. That will take 20 classes to accomplish. Your child will then receive an iron on stripe to put on their T-shirt, which will have a word on it about character development. You got it, show up and work.

When they have 10 stripes they become 10,000 club members and wear a red uniform to show their accomplishment.

No tests No belts, until they are 8 or over and capable of comprehending karate and its ranking system at level beyond the concept of playing.  

Best of all nothing beats watching them transform from shy and laid back to confident and courageous.

Simple formula >>> let’s give our kids the tools necessary to be really good at whatever it is they choose to do.

You can pay $100 per month and come Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 4:15. That’s $6.25 per class.

Or you can come when you can --- Pay when you come, $10.00 per class.

When a child is 8 years of age they will be welcome to Join the tradition and become a karate student. At that point they will spend one half of every class with my adults.

I am old school;

  • 10 years old for green belt  
  • 12 years old for brown belt –
  • 16 years old for black.   That’s right not everyone may get a black belt, but everyone does develop important life skills.

Let’s get them strong and happy in their own skin.

                                                                                       DiBiccari Sensei.


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