Salemwood 5th Graders Study Electricity

A National Grid speaker and field trips enriched the students' experience.

Article and photos provided by Kathy Sullivan, 5th Grade Teacher at Salemwood School:

Salemwood School fifth graders recently took part in two hands-on science lessons.  Mr. Bob Sullivan of National Grid came to visit Mrs. Kathleen's Sullivan's science classes to talk to the children about the transmission of electricity and electrical safety.  The students asked Mr. Sullivan many excellent questions and they had the opportunity to try out some of the electrical safety equipment Mr. Sullivan uses in his job as an underground lineman. 

In addition to Mr. Sullivan's visit, the students were able to participate in a presentation by the Museum of Science which focused on electromagnetism.  Students participated in this interactive demonstration of electricity and magnetism and had the opportunity to answer questions using their prior knowledge from previous science lessons on the topic.


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