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Malden Catholic's School Nurse Wins National Award

Elizabeth Paquette was named "Parochial School Nurse Of The Year" because of her "outstanding service" to both the school and the profession.

Article and info provided by Malden Catholic High School:

Malden Catholic High School's school nurse, Elizabeth Paquette, was named Private And Parochial School Nurse of the Year by the Private And Parochial School Nurses (PPSN), a special interest group within the 15,000-member National Association of School Nurses.  Each year one Private And Parochial School Nurse is recognized with this award. 

“Demonstrating outstanding service to students, promoting the worth of school nurses in the non-public school setting nationally and internationally, and being an advocate for all students at all times, are just a few of the ways this year’s Private And Parochial School Nurse of the Year Elizabeth Paquette has shown she deserves this award,” said Liz Chau, PPSN Director.  “From the film-release of A Simple Act,  and throughout her wide range of daily services to the Malden Catholic community and beyond, Elizabeth has continued to showcase  the influence that a non-public school nurse can have inside and outside of the school setting.”

Paquette has worked as a school nurse at Malden Catholic since 2001.  She won the Theodore James Ryken Award at Malden Catholic earlier this year, recognizing her service and dedication to the school.

“Malden Catholic has been blessed with Elizabeth’s able performance and generous spirit, her loving service to students and colleagues, and her unabated willingness to go well beyond the requirements of her job description,” said Malden Catholic Principal Br. Thomas Puccio, CFX, Ed.D.  “On behalf of our school, I most enthusiastically congratulate her as Private and Parochial School Nurse of the Year.”

About Private And Parochial School Nurses

Private and Parochial School Nurses (PPSN) is a special interest group within the 15,000-member National Association of School Nurses and consists of more than 1800 school nurses who work in a non-public-school setting.  These nurses are usually the sole health care provider supporting the health and welfare of students, faculty, and staff in their schools. 

Kim April 13, 2012 at 12:52 AM
Congradulations. You are a person who goes above and beyond her duties as school nurse. My son graduated in 2006. You were at all games no matter the sport and that showed the kids u realky did care. I publicly thank you


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