10 Weeks of Summer Learning: Reading on the Go!

Malden Public Schools Language and Literacy Director Margaret Adams offers some quick tips to help keep your kids sharp in the off-season.

Join us every week this summer for ideas on how to make sure your child is learning all summer long. Join us in beating the summer reading loss.

Time seems to fly during the summer months as we head off on vacations, go off to visit family, or take those day trips to the beach. Making time for reading on these hectic days can seem like a challenge. However, taking books with you is an easy solution.

Keep a stash of books in the car. Use the pockets on the car door or on the back of the front seats to store books. Encourage your child to read them every time you are in the car. Once you reach your destination, take the books with you to share more reading time. Read on a blanket at the park or beach.

Get some books on CDs and listen to them on the drive. Listening to books is a great way to develop your child’s oral language skills. Get books on CD at the library before your trip.

Make up stories while driving. Take turns telling stories either made up or true. Tell your children about something you did when you were younger.

Read the signs on the road. Think of funny stories to go along with all of the names. Describe what a person with that name might look like.

So, no matter what that hectic summer day brings, make sure to make time for 30 minutes of reading every day this week.

By Margaret Adams, Director of Language and Literacy for the Malden Public Schools. The Malden Public Schools summer reading lists and forms can be found on each school’s websites or at http://its.malden.mec.edu/sm/SummerReading.cfm.


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