Primary Election Results: 11 Percent Turn Out to Vote

Pepoli, Buckley out.

The 2011 Malden Primary was marked by a 11% voter turn-out - with numbers as low as 70 voters in some polling places – but will nevertheless shape the ballot for November's general election.

Here are the unofficial returns – names marked in bold indicate candidates on the ballot for November's general election.


Ward 1:

Peg Crowe: 190

Michael E. Drummey: 86

Augustine Paolini Jr.: 25

Write-ins: 1

Blanks: 0

Total: 302


Ward 3:

John P. Matheson: 297

Kenneth A. Coye: 184

Robert G. Buckley: 165

Write-ins: 1

Blanks: 0

Total: 647


Ward 6:

Neil C. Kinnon: 412

John P. Robillard: 88

Robert L. Deberardinis: 78

Write-ins: 4

Blank: 0

Total: 582


At-Large (Choose no more than three):

Gregory Lucey: 1752

Craig Spadafora: 1693

David D'Arcangelo: 1150

Gladys Rivera Rogers: 826

Christopher P. Simonelli: 787

Robert S. McCarthy Jr.: 757

Andrew M. Pepoli: 343



"Malden, it was a great run," candidate Andrew M. Pepoli tweeted. "Thank you all who supported me I greatly appreciate it. I have learned so much about this great city...I look forward to gaining more support, more experience and a greater sense of the Malden community through my other endeavors."

City Clerk Karen Anderson said that while there will be slight changes in the final, official tally, they are not anticipated to change more than a few votes in the single digits.

AnnieOMalden September 15, 2011 at 04:48 PM
An 11% turnout is a blackeye for the administration and clerk's office of this city. Someone is not doing their job(s) and should be fired. Talk about inept response to the citizens of this city. I realize this is probably what the status quo wants to happen but this has to change. This is the democratic process and should be more of a priority! Oh, right. The admin barely cares for the safety and welfare of its citizens so why should they care about getting out the voters! It's obvious by the vote Tues. it turned out just the way they want. Keep things the same. SMH! (Shake My Head)
AnnieOMalden September 16, 2011 at 02:33 AM
It seems to me, the city sure can get the word out if they demand we buy a trash bag, real estate and water bills or if they were to enact a parking sticker! There are signs telling us Malden is a great place to raise a family but none to alert people to a primary. The former chief of police could call all the homes to let us know he was retiring but no calls to remind people to vote? How's that for starters? You know better, Toni, that the city didn't break a sweat to advertise the primary. Even Lucey waited until the last minute to try to eliminate the primary and relied on email only. He couldn't pick up the phone to call 6 people? I don't buy it. I am a voter here and if they wanted to consolidate the polls, fine, but I have a right to my vote. The job of the Clerk's Office is to administer this precious right of ours that men and women have given their lives so we have this freedom. No, you can't drag people out to vote but it would be nice if you could let more people know WHEN to vote!
Ron Cochran September 17, 2011 at 05:30 PM
@Toni - I got that call from Ken Coye announcing his retirement and thought it was a blatant disregard for what it means to use city resources for prudent purposes. If you wanted to thank the city of Malden, take out a quarter page ad in 2 or 3 of the papers. This is one of the reasons why I think he is not qualified to serve on the city council. On a more sad/comedic note, when the guy who shot up citizens bank and ran through my neighborhood, they decided NOT to use reverse 911 for that!!! LOL I echo Anni's disappointment. I'm not sure anyone should be fired but there was little to nothing that the city did to aid in the promotion of the preliminary election. I went to the city's website several times and was shocked that there was little to nothing posted about the preliminary. I was actually on there so I could share the link with my facebook friends and could not find anything worth posting. It is embarrassing and it's what makes people not take the process seriously. You can argue it is even more important for them to get the prelim promoted more so than the general since it is not something that happens every election cycle. The newspapers did an OK job, Patch did an awesome job hitting it on tweets, facebook and articles.
Sarah September 18, 2011 at 06:11 PM
Our town went above and beyond announcing the preliminary. It was all over the news and all candidates made a special point to remind people to vote. David's campaign was particularly vocal about making the time to get involved by voting. I'm glad that he was one of the top three vote getters!! If residents didn't vote it was because, for whatever reason, they never made the time to do so. I voted and frankly, I'm disappointed at the countless people that drove past my polling location.
Ron Cochran September 18, 2011 at 10:10 PM
Sara, Annie and I were talking about Malden City Government and their potential role in the promotion of the election. You listed a news agency and candidates, both privately funded entities. I agree with you on David's campaign and there was a lot in the papers about it. The problem is that as much as that seems like a lot to somebody who pays attention, it only reaches a select group of people.


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