Mayor Christenson Joins 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns'

Christenson says he is "proud to be a part of this coalition."

Article provided by Mayor Christenson's Office:

Malden Mayor Gary Christenson today joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a bipartisan coalition of 600 mayors committed to keeping guns out of criminal hands. 

“There are 34 gun murders per day in this country. It’s an epidemic of violence that undermines public safety across the country,” said the Mayor. “We must take common-sense actions to prevent illegal gun sales and to help law enforcement protect our community.”

Mayor Christenson joins ten other Massachusetts leaders in the coalition. They include Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, who co-founded the coalition in 2006 with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 

"I want to welcome Mayor Christenson to Mayors Against Illegal Guns," said Mayor Menino. "I look forward to working with him to make our communities safer through common-sense policies to fight illegal gun trafficking.  Our mission is to work together to keep our communities safe and keep illegal guns off of our streets.  Mayor Christenson's leadership is a welcome addition to the coalition."   

The coalition has been a leader in the fight to mandate background checks for all gun sales. Currently, only licensed dealers are required to conduct these checks under federal law. This deadly loophole allows felons and other dangerous individuals to purchase guns illegally through private sales over the internet and at gun shows.

 While Massachusetts has enacted strong and effective gun laws, the state remains vulnerable to guns trafficked from states with weaker laws. More than 63 percent of Massachusetts crime guns recovered in 2010 originated elsewhere.

Among its recent efforts, the coalition launched a campaign to oppose “force concealed carry reciprocity” – a federal bill that would have made it easier for dangerous individuals to carry hidden and loaded guns into Massachusetts.

“I am so proud to be a part of this coalition,” said Mayor Christenson. “As mayors, we respect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. What concerns us is the all-too-easy access to illegal guns in this country. We stand with the overwhelming majority of Americans who want to keep these illegal guns off our streets.”

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This isn't as important as a pit bull issue?


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