Council Round-Up: Parks to Close at Dusk

The council also weighed in on the proposed MBTA cuts proposed last week.

Missed the city council meeting this week? No worries – Malden Patch was there, picking up your civic slack. Here's a round-up of their major discussions.


Parks to close by dusk: Ward 4 Councilor Jim Nestor asked for a suspension of docket rules to pass a motion not listed on the agenda: to close any city parks without lights by dusk.

The motion, unanimously approved by the council, will require new signage informing residents of the change and would allow police to remove those in the park after sundown.

“For parks that don't have lights, and there is no after hours activity going on...and it's dark...we're asking that (they close) at dusk instead of 8 to ten o'clock,” Nestor said.

Nestor said that the move was aimed at helping police work in such parks, but did not elaborate on the impetus for the non-listed resolution.

While not expressly referenced by the council, the meeting was their first since Malden Patch ran a story .

The move would likely have an effect on any attempts to start an encampment on public space by the activists. 


The “M” is for “mad”: The council also approved a resolution proffered by Ward 8 Councilor Barbara Murphy, “expressing dissatisfaction” with a proposal by the MBTA to close at least twelve bus routes she said would adversely affect Malden's students and elderly.

“The elimination of those buses is going to have an impact on our schoolchildren going to Malden High School, as well as Salemwood and Forestdale schools,” she told her colleagues.

“It's important that, as a hub of the MBTA and...a city that welcomes commuters from all over the commonwealth into our train station...we get on board with them right now to make sure our citizens locally are adequately serviced – especially as the cost of a ride may be going up.”

The MBTA : one with higher fee increases but fewer closures, and a second scenario, which would favor bus line closures.


Non-profits moving in: The council unanimously moved a proposal to allow Mayor Gary Christenson to enter into a Section 108 loan agreement to help two local non-profits – Bread of Life and the Tri-City Community Action Program – to to commitee.

The property includes office space, pantry storage and dining areas.

Section 108 loan agreements are a program by the federal department of Housing and Urban Development, aimed at securing financing for community development projects.


Andrew Pepoli January 12, 2012 at 07:03 PM
What I would really like to know is what is the MBTA doing internally to reduce costs? Both of these “scenarios” push the burden of this deficient onto the riders by increasing fares and eliminating service. Why should the riders take the brunt of this when it has been the continuous and gross mismanagement of MBTA and state officials that have put us in this situation? Are there going to be pay cuts for MBTA management? Will there be pension reform? Unless you address the fundamental issues that continually plague the MBTA, any of these proposed scenarios will just be a temporary fix. If you are asking us, the customer, to make sacrifices so should you.
DannyBoy January 12, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Well said Andrew. Customer service has been a weakness of the T for ages. They will never resolve their financial problems unless something drastic is done to overhaul the entire organization.
AnnieOMalden January 12, 2012 at 08:01 PM
I just called the T to inform them of the number of lights that are burned out on their property. More than half of them are out. Wonder how long it will take to get them fixed!
David Marsters January 17, 2012 at 12:12 PM
The T should look at managers salaries and cut theirs before cutting routes. If the T does cut routes, it maybe good for the students as there is not any gym classes now, and the students could walk to and from school to loose weight. I waled to school when I was growing up. Walked to Malden High from Linden many times, especially when the old T was on strike.


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