Man Arrested After Shooting Baby-Biting Dog

The man allegedly killed his English bulldog with three shots to the head.

A SIG-Sauer P230. Credit: Wikimedia Commons
A SIG-Sauer P230. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A 50-year-old Saugus man is facing animal cruelty and firearm charges after he allegedly shot and killed his English bulldog Sunday after it bit a 9-month-old baby and others.

Richard Maltais was charged with felony animal cruelty, possession of a firearm without a Firearms Identification (FID) card (two counts), possession of ammunition without an FID card and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building, according to Saugus Police. Maltais has never applied for an FID card in Saugus, police said.

Shortly after 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon, police responded to a Lynn Fells Parkway residence in Saugus for a report of shots fired. At the scene, officers discovered that Maltais, the homeowner, shot his bulldog three times in the head after it bit the baby and “multiple other people” inside the residence, according to police.

Maltais told police that the dog had previously been a rescue dog and it became aggressive, according to a department release. Police found the body of the dog under the home’s deck.

In addition to two spent 0.380-caliber shell casings, police said they recovered a SIG-Sauer P230 0.380 handgun, a Ruger 0.22 Rifle and boxes of assorted ammunition.

Maltais will appear in Lynn District Court at a later date, police said.

BeachGal July 15, 2014 at 09:00 AM
Another psycho with a gun he shouldn't have. And a dog he should not have had - undoubtedly he knew nothing about dogs or their behavior. Probably was trying to pose the baby with the dog for a cute picture or something. Absolutely no need to shoot the dog! Bring it to someplace who knows animals, who can really determine whether it was aggressive or not. I'm guessing it was not.


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