CRIME MAP: Robbery Reported on Main St. Monday Morning

See the police in your neighborhood this weekend? Check our police map for more information.

Friday, July 6

Time Crime Location 12:50 PM Drinking in Public X Pleasant St. 7:37 PM Malicious Destruction of Property Over $250. 11XX Main St.


Saturday July, 7:

Time Crime Location 3:05 AM Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle XX Emerald St. 11:09 AM Vandalize Building XX Linwood St. 3:06 PM Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle 3XX Lynn St. 3:44 PM Larceny Under $250 Stop and Shop, Charles St. 5:36 PM Threat to Commit a Crime Nonni's Pizza, Highland Ave. 6:53 PM Shoplifting by Asportation CVS, Broadway 7:37 PM Violation of an Abuse Prevention Order XX Hunting St. 9:20 PM Assault and Battery XX Parkside Place

Sunday, July 8

Time Crime Location 2:14 AM Assault and Battery XX Shawmut St. 6:40 PM Assault Garnet St. 10:14 PM Malicious Destruction of Property Over $250. XX Pearl St.


Monday, July 9

Time Crime Location 1:08 AM Unarmed Robbery 5xx Main St. 6:59 AM Malicious Damage to a Motor Vehicle xx Cedar St. 8:29 AM Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle 5xx Main St. 9:41 AM Larceny Under $250 Stop and Shop, Charles St. 9:43 AM Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle Laz Paring, 1xx Centre St. 12:46 PM Threat to Commit a Crime X Atlantic Ave. 4:04 PM Breaking and Entering Daytime for Felony XX Holden St.


Note: These records are provided by the Malden Police Department via the RAIDS Online program. Crime types not submitted by the agency include: "homicide, sexual assault, sexual offense, traffic" and some other "non-criminal" calls. 


What's this?

Readers can review daily police calls and access a number of other tools thanks to the Malden Police Department's partnership with BAIR Analytics, which provides free, online crime maps via it's RAIDS Online site. 

We left some quick instructions below to help you get started. Have a question? Lay it on us in the comments or send an email to editor Chris Caesar at Chris.Caesar@patch.com. 


How to get started.

1. The map loads with a number of default settings displaying major crimes over the past two weeks. To change the types of crimes shown, click the "Crime Types" button on the left sidebar, and check your choices. You can also hit the "Select All" or "Deselect All" buttons toward the bottom of the list. 

Readers can view crime stats as far back as January by changing the dates under the "Date Range" section. 

2. The "Data Grid" tab on the top of the map will provide a spreadsheet of crimes found within your search, though it may seem cramped with the left sidebar - you can fix this by minimizing the sidebar. 

3. The "Analytics" tab will provide a number of visual representations of your data, including graphs of crime frequency and type. 

Nicole July 10, 2012 at 04:30 PM
This doesn't seem to be working too well. I hope the city isn't paying for this because it misses little things like robberies and shootings.
Matthew July 10, 2012 at 05:28 PM
I can absolutely tell you Nicole that the police respond to more calls per day than is listed here.
Alan July 15, 2012 at 06:48 PM
RAIDS seems to be poorly maintained and the old police log system used to be better. This make it look like something is being hidden and we know that guy retired.


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