CRIME MAP: 25 Calls This Weekend

See the police in your neighborhood this weekend? Check our crime map to see if they responded to any major calls.

Need help using the RAIDS map? , or email editor Chris Caesar with questions at Chris.Caesar@patch.com.

The public logs exclude some calls to which Malden police officers respond. 

Friday, Aug. 3

12:14 AM Larceny under $250

Dockside Restaurant, Ferry St. (Note: Due to an error with the RAIDS map, this was originally incorrectly placed at the wrong location. We regret the error). 

8:23 AM Tagging xx Dexter St. 10:07 AM B&E XX Wedgemere Dr. 10:30 AM Malicious Destruction of Property Over $250 1xx Walnut St. 10:50 AM Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon xx Hill St. 1:20 PM Assault with a Dangerous Weapon Ricci's Liquor Mart, 8xx Main St. 2:56 PM Larceny under $250 Stop and Shop, Charles St. 3:14 PM B&E, Misdemeanor 1xx Laurel St. 3:54 PM Leaving Scene of Property Damage Citizens Bank and 3xx Main St. 4:13 PM Operating M/V With a Suspended License 7xx Salem St. 5:38 PM Larceny from a Building 3xx Lebanon St. 5:56 PM Forgery of a Check xx Lincoln St.

Saturday, Aug. 4

2:02 AM OUI Liquor Highland Ave & Pleasant St. 4:38 PM Fraud/Cheat Gross 10xx Main St. 5:59 PM Credit Card Fraud over $250 2xx Pleasant St. 6:06 PM Assault and Battery xx Concord St.

Sunday, Aug. 5

7:19 AM Malicious Damage to a Motor Vehicle xx Taylor St. 9:28 AM Failure to Notify RMV of Change of Address Walgreen and 1xx Centre St. 1:23 PM Larceny of Motor Vehicle 5xx Broadway 1:27 PM Assault and Battery Spruce St. 1:34 PM Shoplifting, 3rd Offense Stop and Shop, Charles St. 6:25 PM Robbery, Armed and Masked Madison St. Market, Madison St. 7:46 PM Larceny under $250 xx Daniels St. 9:35 PM Breaking and Entering xx Perkins Ave 10:07 PM Breaking and Entering 1xx Rockwell St.

Monday, Aug. 6

12:06 AM Assault with a Dangerous Weapon xx Henry St. 8:08 AM Malicious Destruction of Property over $250 2xx Bryant St. 10:08 AM Unarmed Robbery xx Pleasant St. 11:54 AM Identity Fraud xx Bowdoin St. 1:16 PM Assault and Battery xx Sheridan St. 1:42 PM Credit Card Fraud under $250 xx Clark St. 5:17 PM Larceny Under $250 1xx Adams St. 6:12 PM Shoplifting Stop and Shop, Charles St. 7:32 PM Malicious Damage to Motor Vehicle xx Beachview Ave.

Tuesday, Aug. 7

4:51 AM Assault and Battery xx Bowdoin St. 11:33 AM Shoplifting $100+ Walgreens, Centre St. 1:36 PM Witness Intimidation 4xx Lynn St. 2:14 PM Identity Fraud 10xx Salem St. 3:07 PM Disturbing the Peace xx Pleasant St. 7:39 PM Larceny Over $250 Planet Fitness, Eastern Ave.
Chris Caesar August 08, 2012 at 11:22 AM
Thanks for catching that. That's an old description for a previous incarnation of the police log column. I've corrected it.
Mickey G August 08, 2012 at 05:59 PM
I have a scanner and I heard a lot more than 25 calls last weekend
Michael G August 08, 2012 at 08:05 PM
I hate rainbows. I can never find the gold.
Michael G August 08, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Chris the Mural under the T station. A project that was meant to be done by kids at malden high, but later turned into a political photo op. I saw older people working on it more then school kids. Diana, I don't hate art. In fact I am an artist myself. I also love puppies. But can't stand rainbows. I Chase them with my tin hat on and never find gold or that green midget.
Matthew August 09, 2012 at 01:57 AM


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