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Another Robbery Near Malden Mini-Market, As Local News Cameras Roll

This time, some of the chase was caught by camera crews from WHDH and NECN, already in town covering the recent robberies at the downtown convenience store.

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As if the city's crime news weren't incredible enough this week, another downtown robbery near the had police chasing a fence-jumping suspect on foot - this time, as local news stations had their cameras rolling. 

Crews from both WHDH Boston and New England Cable News were in Malden to cover the , and managed to catch some of the police hunt on tape.  

Mayor Gary Christenson and Malden Police Dept. Lt. Kevin Molis were also at the store, reaching out to store owner Dharam Jain and speaking to reporters. 

"We're a victim of the times," Christenson told NECN reporter Julie Loncich. "The economy is still in dire straits, and...I think what you're seeing today is a reflection of that." 

Within an hour of Tuesday night's robbery, a masked man hit another store in Saugus and police believe it is likely the same man, according to Channel 7 News. 

On Thursday night, one witness reported seeing the suspect hop a fence, fall to the ground and resume running near the Malden Mini-Market. 

The suspect allegedly stole $100 from the counter of a nearby dental office, though a spokesman from the Malden Police Dept. was unavailable to confirm details Thursday night. 

WBZ Boston and WCVB-5 also covered the story Wednesday night. 

Lisa April 08, 2012 at 03:13 PM
When I lived in California and Florida my utilities were higher. How do you explain that? That sounds like a rehearsed answer and I dont think my utilities are more expensive because of details. I also do not think the utility companies have anything to do with the police being hired by Stop and Shop or Walgreens. Nice cookie cutter answer coldwater. What was it you did for work?
DannyBoy April 08, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Jazz, the last time I checked, trespassing on someone else's property is against law. Nice try, wiseguy.
coldwaterdiver April 10, 2012 at 06:10 PM
The police details at Stop and Shop also drive up the costs, as they are passed on to you the consumer. As far as my work, i run a small business, own and maintain rental property, and donate my time to different charites. What do you do for work?
coldwaterdiver April 10, 2012 at 06:21 PM
And for what is worth, California mandates a certain percentage of electricy be produced through "green" sources, which cost more, and most of their water comes from another state, which is part of why utility costs are more expensive there. But that doesnt change the fact that ANY business that has to hire a detail, they will pass that cost along to its customers.


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