NEW BLOG: Three Steps to Becoming a Better You

Is one of your goals for 2012 to become a better you? There are some simple steps you can take today to help you to achieve this goal.

Kelly Ilebode is a Malden resident and writes on positive living. You can visit her personal site at http://kellyilebode.com/.

Have A Bumblebee Mentality

Nature teaches us everything we need to know on how to live our best lives if we just slow down and observe. Believe it or not, simple lessons that we take from an insect so small - the bumblebee - can greatly improve our lives financially, emotionally and socially.

1. Emotionally:  Accepting who and what you are:

A bumble bee knows its job from birth and accepts this - its true gift is to collect nectar for the colony, and it does what ever it can to achieve this goal.  

Many times as humans, we ignore the gifts we are born with. Maybe we do this because we do not know what that gift is, or feel we are not worthy of this gift.  Maybe you cannot make money from your gift (and money is important, don’t get me wrong), but by letting go or ignoring your gift you are letting go a part of yourself. 

There is nothing in this world that says you cannot make money and be happy at the same time. You are worthy of your gift, and you yourself are a gift to this world.

2. Financially:  Plan for the future

A bumble bee plans for its future. It works its tail off collecting nectar knowing that the flowers will fade and that “winter” is coming. 

As in all nature, the bumblebee only takes what it needs to survive, and no more.  In addition to taking, the bumblebee unknowingly gives back through pollination allowing other life cycles to continue, which in effect allows the bees to continue.  

Look at your own financial situation.  You work your “tail off” - so are you prepared for the winters in your life? Maybe you take more than what you need and are floundering in a financial whirlpool. Invest in your future starting today and start small.  Even if you give up buying a coffee a day from your favorite coffee shop and put that $2.00 in a jar everyday, you will have easily saved $728 in one year.

3. Socially:  Focus on you and let others focus on themselves

A bumblebee can collect nectar on a flower not caring that there are other insects doing the same on the very same flower. The focus the bumblebee has is on itself and that of the colony. 

Be like a bumblebee. Worry less about gossip and what others think. Have a plan and a goal for your family or yourself that works for you and let others do their own work. What business is it of theirs or yours what the other does? 

By focusing on yourself and your goals, you are removing all of the external clutter that surrounds you and you will be that much more productive and able to complete your goals.

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Anita February 02, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Appreciate the message!
Mary Beth Leon February 03, 2012 at 11:48 AM
I am so proud of you! MB
Barbara Murphy February 06, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Great advice. So good to see you out here blogging. Hope to see more.


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