LETTER: Why Not in Ward 6?

Resident Joe Gray says Ward 6 needs a social shot in the arm.

Joe Gray is a resident of Ward 6. 

I look wistfully to the left and to the right. Nearby wards conduct barbecues, meetings, safety gatherings, regular social get togethers, farmers markets and street cleanings. I hope for the same someday. 

I engage in acrimony, finger pointing, demands and neighbor-wise suspicions.  I’d rather engage in neighbor smiles, backslaps and chit chat about the latest Red Sox trades.

I peer over the fence and smell the bake sales and hot apple cider from nearby wards during Christmas and wonder “why not here"? No one is even scheduling a ward-wide movie night, like what happens over the fence across town.

I don’t always understand the mayor or some of his decisions, but I feel like Gary is my substitute ward captain. It feels like when I need some help or something personal, Gary is there to help. The mayor fills in a little of what is missing in my ward, like repairing the potholes. Maybe that’s good enough for some, but he is busy with bigger citywide issues and can’t always come to the rescue.

A couple of seasons have come and gone since the last election, making the overt acrimoniousness die down. But we all know it is still here under the surface in my ward. We are still divided, clustered, ignored and/or feted depending on how we please our permanent ward captain.

I peer over the fence again and sigh. It’s a hot summer and not a whole lot of anything useful going on in my ward for most of the year. Not a lot of anything scheduled as far as the eye can see on the city calendar. If there is, it sure isn’t getting any wide public announcements. I'll walk to Maplewood for some ice cream.

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Kiersten July 07, 2012 at 10:15 AM
Joe, I thought your letter was great. I do not live in Ward 6, but I agree with you. I have a youngster as well and I am always looking for community things to do, there is not much...and if there is, it is not advertised well. I too look at the city calendar in hopes of finding something, I don't mind crashing another Wards party if they have something going on. It is about the kids...having fun, getting to know your community and your city. I did not grow up in Malden, but we chose Malden as a place for our children to grow up. I do love this city and sees what it has to offer and many great things to come I am sure. We had a great July 4th celebration in our Ward 5, it was awesome and they did a great job. But now what? Is there nothing else? I like that you have sparked good conversation and getting people to look at all aspects of their Ward and the city as a whole. Kiersten
stella July 08, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Paul D. I want to see you walk barefooted thru trafton park. It is a very dirty park. There is or was an electrical box on the ground with wires sticking out of not safe for the little kids who frequent the tot lot. Litter and beer cans and bottles all over the place. Every time i am there i clean up what i can. We need more Annie O's in malden so that way the councilors do their jobs. They work for us. We voted them in and we should all work together. But with Councilor Kinnon its his way or the HIGHWAY. Time for new blood in ward 6. Sad the only time of the year he does something is the 4th of july but then again he has no choice.
Joe Gray July 09, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Contact me if you want to brainstorm ways to get ward and/or city projects going that we can all be a part of(like 4th of July, budget or crime meetings). I'd obviously like to start with ward 6 and import good ideas from around the city and export good ideas, that we may come up with. Not necessarily block parties, but ideas more geared towards the community as a whole. Each neighborhood(block) is organic in its individual cohesiveness, so do not want to micro-manage that sort of issue. gutclencher@hotmail.com
Don July 09, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Why not in Ward 6? Well, its all about sacking Neil Kinnon. Is there any other reasons?
Marc Levine July 09, 2012 at 10:49 PM
I never knew what the whole koolaid thing meant .. So I asked somebody. I am totally disgusted at the reference you are making. Please go to church and ask god to forgive you for what you have said. You and anybody else who makes the reference will def burn in hell for those remarks. Shame on you. That is sick!!!!! Please reply and try and defend yourself and explain what the koolaid means. I'm actually speechless at this point. (believe or not)


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