Malden Woman Looks to Help Childhood Friend Overcome Hardships in Nepal

Each week, we’ll be highlighting a GoFundMe campaign in the Malden area.

Kids at Community Child Rescue Center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Credit: GoFundMe
Kids at Community Child Rescue Center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Credit: GoFundMe
GoFundMe page has been created by a Malden woman looking to help a friend in Nepal overcome some recent hardships.

"Kusum Tamang, a very good friend of mine since fifth grade, decided to move back to Nepal upon completion of her undergraduate studies in Australia to work with Community Child Rescue Center (CCRC) in Kathmandu, Nepal," reads the message by Maldonian Shuvechya Tuladhar on her GoFundMe page. "CCRC is the home of 23 kids who were abandoned and abused by their parents. She, with the sponsorship of another common friend of ours organized a charity event in Kathmandu for these kids. However, our common friend didn't follow through with the guaranteed sponsorship which put us at a loss of $1300 that is owed to the vendors.

"...Like it wasn't enough misfortune, CCRC recently caught fire this December too. All the kids are safe; however, all their belongings were burnt to ashes. I cannot comprehend what Kusum, the kids and the staff at CCRC are going through right now in Kathmandu, with one project coming down and then a burning house. Please, please help me raise funds for these kids and my friend Kusum, so they can go back to school, eat healthy food and continue with normal life that they deserve." 

As of 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, $132 of the $1,300 fundraising goal had been met, according to the account.

Donations can be made to cause by clicking here. Information on how to make donations offline can be found here.

To view more GoFundMe campaigns, click here.


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