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Sponsored by the Institute for Investment Real Estate Management, Boston Chapter:

Cause-Based Evictions: You will be informed on the process of evicting tenants for violations of their leases that go beyond a simple non-payment of rent case. This is an effective way to remove tenants who have been involved in fights, have disrupted the livability of the development and other areas of material non-compliance with the terms of their leases.

You will also become familiar on the process and procedure of a standard eviction. Including, properly documenting activity, referral to your attorney, the notice to quit procedure and the court process.

Fast Track Evictions: Attorney Flynn will discuss the process of evicting a tenant for a violation of M.G.L. c. 139, Section 19. This law allows the Landlord to fast-track a case as a civil action if the Tenant is found to be involved in the keeping, sale or manufacture of illegal substances, if they are illegally storing a weapon, if they are involved in prostitution or if they commit acts of violence against an employee or other person entitled to be present on the premises in their unit. This process is designed to remove the dangerous tenant in just a few short weeks rather than a few months.

Protecting your Property from Unwanted Trespassers: Under M.G.L. c. 121B, Section 32C you can keep unwanted and/or dangerous persons off your premises, often forever. The Massachusetts legislature has enacted a special provision in the General Laws in order to protect subsidized properties. This law allows you to keep someone off your property if they have caused harm to a tenant, or employee of the landlord, have destroyed, vandalized or stolen property of the landlord, or another tenant, if they have brought a weapon onto your property, or if they have sold or possessed drugs on the property. The importance of this law is that this type of order can be made permanent by the court, thus keeping this person off your property forever. It is also important to note that a violation of this type of order granted by the court is a criminal act.


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