YOUR TURN: Share Pics of Local Wind Damage

Did you capture any wild pics or video of Thursday's winds? Share them with your neighbors in our reader gallery.

We heard it all last night - whistling wind that terrified our pets and kept light sleepers on their toes. 

As residents get up and ready for the day, branches cam be seen strewn throughout a number of city streets, with Malden Police responding to a reported tree on a home on Forest St. just before 6 a.m. Thursday. 

Power outages were reported in some limited parts of the city, including Maplewood Square. 

As the dust continues to clear, we're sure you're taking some pics and videos of any debris or damage on your property. Why not share them with your neighbors for cool story bragging points? 

Upload them to our reader gallery by hitting the "Upload Pictures & Video" button above, and suss out which picture is the best in our comments section below. 


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