Week In Review: Malden Man Arrested for Punching Officer in Elderly Home; Residents Camp Out in Boston's Dewey Park

A look back at this week's top Malden news.

No need to worry if you haven't been able to keep up with all the local news this week. In this weekly feature, Malden Patch recaps the most top news for you in a quick, convenient package. 

Below are excerpts from the news in Malden this week.

Maldonians Speak, Camp Out at Occupy Boston

Note: Check out our footage from the .

While activists have yet to camp out in Malden Center, the "Occupy Wall Street" movement has inspired at least some residents to this week.

The makeshift tent city in Boston's financial district continues to grow, as “Occupy Boston” demonstrators maintain a tent city of about 100 dwellers just outside the city's federal reserve bank.

Letter to the Editor: Improvements Necessary at Salemwood

Many of you may wonder why I am so passionate about protecting the children I teach at the Salemwood School. I am not only a teacher to the 142 students I often times I play the role of parent, counselor, and interventionist.

A $1 million dollar artificial turf field should be an afterthought compared to and maintenance. Evaluations were conducted by Mr. Webb of the Board of Health and the state department of health, yet very few of the recommendations by both agencies have been completed to date.

Somerville PD: Drunk Man Punched Officer in Elderly Home

Somerville police arrested an intoxicated Malden man who was making a scene at the  (a Catholic home on Highland Avenue run by nuns who have taken a vow of hospitality and care for the elderly), according to a police report.

Police responded to Little Sisters of The Poor at about 8:57 p.m. on Sept. 28, according to a police report. Once there, they were told was "running up and down the halls harassing and being belligerent towards the residents," the report says.

This Year's Ballot Questions

Note: The following was submitted by Gary Christenson's Mayoral campaign. 


Right now, a ballot question proposed by voters (like the PAYT question in 2009) requires a very high super majority to pass.  

A “Yes” vote would reduce the size of the super majority, making it easier for citizen-sponsored questions to pass.

A “No” vote would maintain the high threshold in place for a ballot question to pass. 

Recent Protests Against 'Corporate Greed': What’s Happening Here?

The  where in the city was taken to the branch on Pleasant Street is directly related to the zombie march on Wall Street this morning.

When police wouldn’t allow the group in Malden to leave the trash at the bank branch,  for Massachusetts.


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