Filene's To Auction Intellectual Property, Including Customer Info

As a part of their bankruptcy claim, the company is selling off the names, addresses, and email addresses of customers who have joined their loyalty programs. Does this seem fair to you?

Filene's is bankrupt, and as a part of their bankruptcy filing they're putting their intellectual property on sale.  

Filene's intellectual property doesn't just include the famous "Running Of The Brides," which they've trademarked, it also includes the names, email addresses, and home addresses of the nearly 2 million customers who have signed up for the loyalty programs "the Syms Educated Consumer program" and "the Filene’s Basement Fan Club."

According to CBS Boston, barring any disapproval from bankruptcy courts, the auction will take place May 3rd.  

Other items they've got up for sale include the phrases "I Just Got A Bargain" and "The Basement" and both "The Educated Consumer" and "An Educated Consumer."

The full legal brief, provided to Universalhub by local newshound  (who also pointed out the sale of customer information), is attached to this article, and those who want to take a closer look at the trademarks on auction can skip to page 99, while further information on the sale of the names is on page 138.

In the meantime, though, how do you feel about the items on sale?  Vote and leave a comment with your opinion.  

Erik Royds March 29, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Remember folks, something for nothing is still giving up something.


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