Woof, Meow, And A Happy Merry! Upload Your Holiday Pet Photos

If you've got a pet, chances are you've wanted to put antlers or a yarmulke on it at least once. Let's hope you took a picture!

Pets have it hard around during Christmas and Hannukah. Everyone is hustling and bustling about, and as a pet dog or cat, (or rabbit, or chinchilla) it's hard not to end up underfoot - or overwhelmed.

As a pet owner, chances are you've recognized this, and chosen to include Fido or Mr. Whiskers in your holiday celebrations in their own way - by getting them all dolled up for a holiday photo, of course.  Even Kwanzaa celebrants aren't excluded -- this site has more than enough Kwanzaa-themed dog t-shirts to satisfy the both discerning pets and pet parents.

If you've got a photo of your Malden pet wearing his/her holiday best, share it with the community by uploading to this article. Just click "Upload Photos and Videos" on the top of this article.

Note: No pets should be harmed in the creation of this photo gallery.

Deanna MacMillan December 31, 2011 at 02:17 AM
Sorry, Mugsy's such a picture hog!! lol! Actually, we just couldn't decide.
Kasey Hariman January 03, 2012 at 02:32 PM
I love his collar! It's so regal. And I couldn't decide, either! What a cutie.


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