City Lights Remembrance Tree in Malden Center

The tree is annually dedicated outside of city hall. Who are you remembering this holiday season?

Lights on the tree were lit for the following persons:

In Honor of: Mrs. Elizabeth “Betty” Diggs, Mr. Robert Bucci, Healing Hope Ministry (The people whoare battling cancer), Bob Bishop, Catherine & Francis Doherty, Andrea Lippi, Patricia Tribou, TomHannan, Town Line Park Association, Patty Ann Kelly, Frank Kelly, The Muise Family, The SmithFamily, Shirley Moran Spinale, James M. Spinale, Todd Cole– Music Master from Malden High School

In Memory of: Mrs. Helene Keen, Mrs. Grace C. DeInnocentis, Mr. William Montgomery, Mr. MauriceEmerson Diggs Jr, Mrs. Anne Wallace Bucci, Mr. Gerald Foley, Mrs. Margaret Petto, Mr. Vance P.Ferratusco, Kay Stroman, Jane Fisher (Stroman), Jenna Jacob, Doris Anderson, Wes Anderson, Abbey–Our sweet & loving golden retriever, Roland Morel, Paul Callahan, Gale Fitzpatrick, Richard Laskey,Margaret & Homer Bishop, Mrs. Marion F. Brandano, Master Louis F. Brandano, 1st Lt. Scott F. Milley,Mr. & Mrs. Dana L. Jewell, Grandmaster Richard Byrne– Founder of Byrne’s Tang Soo Do, Malden,Mary Falcone, Domenic Falcone, Ann Dodge, Tot Chung, Sean Collins, Abba & Amma Collins, Sneakers& Lefty Upton, Joshua Tribou, Mike Chodkowski, Gladys Chodkowski, Lawrence J. Coogan Jr, John &Mary DiGiantomaso, Bob DiVola, Licia Antonelli, Gordon Doucette, Albert Winter, Solon Esteves,Charles E. Farmer, Marjorie Farmer, Michael B. Farmer, Richard Farraher, Dorothy Farraher, Vance P.“Vansome” Ferratusco, Hugh J. Fitzpatrick Jr, Hugh J. Fitzpatrick III, Helen M. Manzi, John D. Gillis,Mildred A. Gillis, Jeannette (Croken) Gillis, Eugene Gregorie, Dante Gregorie, Dolores Monkewicz,Debbie Carey Ippolito, Michael Moriarty, Guy Assetta, Josephine Assetta, Bernard Iovino, ElizabethIovino, Councilor and Mrs. Herbert L. Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin and Annette Lewis, Mr. & Mrs.Barney and Tillie Kahn, Mark S. “Choppa” Chopelas, Horace, Anne, & Robert Preshong, Ronald KeohanSr, David Keohan Sr, Barthelmes Family, Robert L. Killion, Henry Marshall Jr, Henry Marshall Sr,Charles D. MacDonald, The Croke Family, Samuel Corrente, Carmella Corrente, Margaret J. Fisher, MarkS. Loveridge, Marion Madigan Loveridge, Thomas J. Madigan, Mary E. Madigan, Patricia Ann Peluso,Stephen Malachowski, Dina D’Alto Malgeri, Florence C. Burns, Martha B. VanRiddle, Joseph M.Marzullo, Joseph F. Carr, James J. McGaffigan Sr, Mary & Daniel Courtney, The Courtney Family,Denise C. Rossi, The Tufts Family, John T. Cadger, John F. Mudge, William Earl Muise, Michael Fucci,Danny Hallisey, Bob Murphy, Larry Murphy, James F. Nestor, Ann M. Nestor, Tom Papile, JerryDonoghue, Red Fitzgerald, Tom Noone, The Parcellin Family, Richard Pinette, Millie Buckley, Doris &Merle Rotondi, Flora & William Russo, Carmen Sasso, Teresa Follo, Lillian Galvin, Edward Galvin,Arthur Mooney, Kim Holland, Atty. & Mrs. Sol Shapiro, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Covitz, Barry Covitz, BarbaraMcCarthy, George McCarthy, Anthony “Sonny” Spadafora, Albert Trevisone, Frances Trevisone, NickTrevisone, Anthony W. Spadafora Sr, Joan Dwyer Nestor, Edward “Bud” Nestor, Anthony Tamagna, Mr.& Mrs. Hugh Fitzpatrick Sr, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rusek, Robert “Bubba” Castor, Ronald E. Castor, EdithOlga Walker, Zachary Tribou, Evelyn Tribou, Mike Chodkowski, Gladys Chodkowski, Fran Dufresne,Harry & Sara Tselepis, Joe & Mary-Ann Conors, Dorothy Driscoll, Glenda Goldstein, Timothy O’Brien,Willie J. Hill, Susie M. Hill, Pauline Melle, Edward Melle, Nevarte Adrian, John Manzi, Samuel Wolfson,Rose Wolfson, Tonia Lack, John & Carmela Turino Deyeso, Danny Harris, Donna Nally, John Duran,Patricia Galvin Cox, Danny C. Bouchotte, Henry G. Fallon, Kay Fallon, Thomas Fallon, Joseph MarsdenSr, Sally Marsden, Mary Fallon Gistis

Roland December 07, 2012 at 12:36 PM
Its a Christmas Tree or did you forget what it was you were remembering? Stop eliminating the Christian Holidays and maybe this world could be a better place. I have never heard of calling Ramadan by any other name than what it is.
Michael Victor December 07, 2012 at 03:18 PM
Mike only someone with their head up their you know what is fooled by that PC nonsense. Ignore centuries of tradition if you please but its comical and brings to mind nonsense that the former Soviet Union and Eastern Eurpopean communist countries tried to pretend for decades. Fact nobody is fooled except the fools who want to pretend.
Gene Pinkham December 07, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Lincoln Chafee says the Christmas tree is not a Christmas tradition. He's right. It's a Tannenbaum. I learned the song in the 2nd Grade at the Emerson School.
Tellitlikeitis December 07, 2012 at 07:10 PM
you can call it what you want to,but i also can call it what i want,and celebrate it the way i want.just cause you don't like christmas and what it stands for does not mean we have to abolish it to please you and people like you.do you see anyone trying to abolish your beliefs,grow up and learn how to be happy and get along with others.
Chris Caesar December 07, 2012 at 07:17 PM
I am pretty sure Christmas hasn't been eliminated, Roland.
Chris Caesar December 07, 2012 at 07:29 PM
Who is abolishing Christmas? Have you guys been outside in the past couple of weeks?
THEBIGBT December 07, 2012 at 07:48 PM
The tree was donated by someone with the intent of remembering those who have passed away. So, regardless of what it is called it is a good gesture for Malden. It is done in other communities worldwide.
Tellitlikeitis December 07, 2012 at 09:12 PM
well chris, when i was a kid we had christmas parties at school and christmas plays at school and we had things like christmas parades and the lighting of the christmas lights and everyone used to say merry christmas to each other,i am out and about every day chris and i never hear of these things i just stated,what i do hear is happy holidays or you going to the holiday parade or the holiday lights or your childs holiday play in school. who the hell made it a bad thing to mention christmas anymore,and don't act like i am nuts,you know exactly what i am talking about.
Bobby James December 07, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Well, not everybody celebrates Christmas these days. America is a melting pot of cultures. Would you like it if somebody wished you a Happy Hannukah this weekend?
AnnieOMalden December 08, 2012 at 12:30 AM
Bobby James: I agree with you. I like the fact we are filled with diverse cultures. When I was a kid all I knew was white Catholic Irish, Italians or Polish people. I myself have a mixed marriage: Gaelic and Garlic. Little joke there so don't get crazy on me. It has been so much fun to discover the different Italian customs and rituals. My own Irish heritage has given my kids a taste of two worlds. I would hate to exclude anyone by simply being a "Merry Christmas" only person so I find the "Happy Holidaze" wish is extended to all who celebrate this time of year. Don't let it make you crazy. We have enough trouble on our plates. Enjoy the season. It only comes once a year!
Tellitlikeitis December 08, 2012 at 01:35 AM
nobody ever tried to stop anyone from saying happy hannakah,if someone said that to me i would say happy hannakah and merry christmas,no problem with that is there.look all i m saying is that it just seems to me and alot of people i know that for some reason,the word christmas is slowly but surely being thrown to the curb,it has nothing to do with any other beliefs to me. people can believe any way they want and i have no problem with that but why do so many people have a problem with my and other peoples beliefs in christmas and the word christmas,i truly believe in the saying live and let live i am not trying to make the words hanakah and kwanza disappear,it does not bother me,like you folks say,this country is a melting pot so we have been saying merry christmas for 200 years in this country but now we have to stop cause it offends some people ,who cares if it offends them,that is their problem,i am not going to change my traditions cause someone doesn't believe in it,so ignore it and go celebrate the way you do and nobody will bother you.nobody is knocking anyones beliefs but don't try and force my traditions to go away cause you don't like it and that includes the word christmas. merry christmas to all of you.
AnnieOMalden December 08, 2012 at 02:02 AM
And a very Merry Christmas to you as well!
DannyBoy December 08, 2012 at 04:49 AM
Happy Hannukah, Happy Ramadan, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Diwali to all !!! Now, can we put our quarrels to rest in the spirit of the holidays and all get along, please?
Tellitlikeitis December 08, 2012 at 03:21 PM
thank you dannyboy, very well put
Diana December 08, 2012 at 03:48 PM
I imagine that the pagans must have felt the same way when the Christians hijacked their traditions.


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