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Ed Bangs July 08, 2014 at 07:23 AM
How about the thieves who steal donations left at Salvation Army and make a mess
Julie the Jarhead July 08, 2014 at 08:11 AM
It's simple laziness. If you're from Malden, you should know where the nearest dumpster is. I do!
Matthew July 08, 2014 at 09:22 AM
It's got nothing to do with where the nearest dumpster is. It's just plain ignorance, and lack ofRead Morere spect. Period, cut and dry.
Julie the Jarhead July 03, 2014 at 11:58 AM
If you want to 'live' THE BIG BANG THEORY, pop into New England Comics. LOL! Seriously, this is aRead Morege m of a store. There aren't a heck-of-a-lot of comic book stores in the area.
LCT July 07, 2014 at 12:34 AM
Obtaining a firearms permit in MA is outrageous, plus pricey. It is also patently unfair to beRead Morepena lized by your local Police Chief if he/she isn't a fan of citizens owning firearms. I'd bet good money that within towns there are plenty of "exceptions", i.e. having a relative on the local PD or working in town hall. The typical way of conducting business in Comm of MA. $100 to the local police to apply. $100/year or so to join a gun club as required by our chief to get a license. $75 - $100 to attend an approved safety class as required by our chief. The $100 to apply is non-refundable if you're denied a permit. In my town chief also requires applicant to submit 4 or 5 (I forget exact number, sorry) "letters" attesting to my character. For me this is the worst part, even worse than the expense. First I don't know 4 people well enough to ask them to write me a letter, in essence telling them my business. I was very uncomfortable basically "advertising" that I wanted a permit, which people assume means I'll eventually have a firearm in my house. People talk too bloody much. I asked a close, dear friend to write me a letter, which she was glad to do. Unfortunately she must have said something to her adult children as 2 of them asked me, in front of some total strangers at a picnic, if I'd gotten my "gun permit" yet and did I buy a guy. These people all know exactly where I live & have a good idea of my basic daily schedule. I feel like I might as well have taken an ad out in the newspaper or put a sign in my front yard! Since the chief did not contact anyone who wrote my letters, does not know the character of those people, what is the real purpose of this exercise except inconvenience & implied intimidation? Truth be told just to have to "apply for a license" just to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights is intimidating & condescending. All American citizenps should have the identical rights, with equal treatment, not 50 states having 50 sets of rules. When I went to the police station with my $100, preliminary approved application to a gun club, my birth certificate, filled out police dept application form & certificate of firearms safety course, I was asked zero questions by the officer who processed the paperwork & took my fingerprints. In fact other than to say "hello" & give instructions while being fingerprinted, officer said nothing to me. I had checked off the box asking for license to carry but, of course, got only a permit for target; zero explanation. My town's process is a joke. They didn't need letters. We could have had an adult discussion about why I wanted a permit (just to see if I was of reasonably sound mind). They could have explained why I was denied a license to carry. I know for a fact if I lived 1 mile away in the next town I would have gotten a carry permit. I wouldn't have minded, in fact, I thought it would have been prudent to have me fire a few rounds to prove I could safely handle a weapon. I sincerely hope whatever "new" laws Beacon Hill comes up with includes standardized application process throughout the Commonwealth. All residents should be treated the exact same way, same rules. In my eyes problem is Beacon Hill wants the power but shoves off the responsibilities & actual decision making to each town so no one can "blame" the Commonwealth if there are "issues". We wouldn't want legislators to be actually held responsible for anything.
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